Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Subtitles

Language is important in Movies... it differs according to space because the space itself has no language. Subtitles have become a ticklish problem we are facing around the world. If we put subtitles and if you read the text, it takes away from the drama because the audience concentrates on the text. Sub-titles should be done carefully scene-wise
One can put a few lines to convey the mood but should never reveal the idea of a drama in a subtitle
people who watch English films on television have noticed their eyes wandering to the bottom of the screen more than usual. No, there isn't anything spicy happening there, it's just that the films have acquired subtitles-in English itself.
Interestingly this move, initiated more than a decade after English film channels were launched, was only partly prompted by non-English viewers or small-town viewership. In fact, the TV channel that started the trend last year did so after noticing that even English-speaking households switched on the subtitles while watching a DVD. "It is not the viewer's inability to grasp the dialogues as much as his desire of not wanting to miss the finer nuances of the film
Now a days subtitles plays a major role in watching other language movies
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